Welcome again from your Community Lay Director. If any of us thought we were in charge of our lives this year has humbled us. Our Lord never ceases to teach us lessons and we need to pay close attention to the direction he is leading us. As we are prone as humans, most have strayed from the path our God has laid out for us. I believe for those called, this has been an opportunity to put our lives back on to that path. This has been a good time to reflect on the messages we heard on our walks, no matter how long ago they might have been .

Most of us have had the activities we used to enjoy altered, especially our church and Emmaus fellowships.  There still exists a myriad of devotionals, online bible studies and even small groups  in your areas to fill your time with comfort and Joy. Your reunion groups whether in person or online can be a lifeline to your well being  and if you aren’t in one please consider starting one as the benefits you receive are immense. I have been fortunate enough to have a weekly one that has been a God send for years and have friends who go to more than one. Daily devotions are very important also. I have several I read and or listen to daily and I can’t count the times God has spoken to me through them. Actually reading the Bible is also very important. I am not a good reader but am getting better at that discipline. All these activities really don’t take much time and pay off big with a calmed down spirit which is priceless. I also enjoy listening to ministers on YouTube and one named Michael on the Council of Time website.  

Back to Emmaus stuff. As you know the Fall walks were canceled and the Spring ones are planned but still up in the air. We are making plans for a summer or fall walk in Wichita for 2021, but as always our Lord is in charge and we will follow his guidance in all that we do. I will ask each of you to pray that our service  for the Emmaus group worldwide be allowed to flourish in accordance with God’s will.


Tim Miller,  Community Lay Director