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Behind the scenes...

of the Walk To Emmaus are many people supporting the weekend with acts of prayer, sacrifice, and service.  This behind-the-scenes support is what makes
the Walk so different from other retreats and programs.  People who serve behind the scenes during the weekend are channels for God's Grace.  They offer themselves to God in the spirit of anonymous servanthood to be living agape for the pilgrims.  They gladly serve humbly, selflessly, and invisibly.  If you would like to be part of this satisfying experience, please choose
an area below and sign up! 

Click Here to Sign Up for the Prayer Vigil (scroll down to Bread of Life Emmaus Community)
Prayer Guides for Prayer Vigil

Walk Activities

I would like to thank everyone who came out to help with any of the walk activities in Wichita this fall. We had a great time and the pilgrims were entertained and moved. Remember that send-off starts around 6:30 pm Thursday and you don't have to bring a pilgrim to come and reconnect with some of your Emmaus friends. Talented or not we need help with Saturday entertainment and will meet near the kitchen around 4:15 to practice. The talented are always invited to volunteer to play the piano for the Saturday entertainment or to lead music for the community Saturday night. Community gathers Saturday night at 7 pm and will move to the Sanctuary around 8. Closing is scheduled for Sunday at 3 pm. I hope to see you there to help support the pilgrims of Walks.


Alan Albers


As we move into the fall, it reminds us that the Fall Walks are not far behind.  That makes us think about snacks!  This year will be a little different at the Spiritual Life Center. Every snack we provide must be prepackage (aka store bought and ready to serve). We will need store bought cookies, brownies, crackers, veggie tray purchased and still sealed, fruit trays purchased and still sealed.  We have a very small area this year with little to no work space, so any items prepared and ready to serve are greatly appreciated.  REMEMBER for Send-Off we will need large trays of cookies ready to put on the tables for each walk.  We pray we have a large crowd to help send Pilgrims off!

Contact Sylvia McAlister at or call 620-446-1650  if you are interested in helping with snacks.



GOT AGAPE?   We need 75 pieces for each of the walks!  Thanks for your help ahead of time.  You can always come to the Agape Room during the walks to help as well!

De Colores! Emily Ansel

Contact Emily Ansel at  or call 620-426-7699  if you would be interested in helping with Agape!

101 Agape Ideas

More Agape Ideas


The Bread of Life Emmaus Community stretches across Kansas from border to border East to West and nearly the same from North to South only carving out the Northeast to allow Topeka and Kansas City Metro areas to represent themselves. That's quite a geographic territory! Our community members have made it clear that this pattern avoids the significant conflicts of harvest time. To the extent possible, you can expect us to continue this pattern. Hopefully knowing this will help you to plan your volunteer time for the coming Walks and also help you as you plant the seed for your potential pilgrims.

DeColores, Jim Fetty and Todd McCutcheon

Email Jim Fetty Here to Sign Up to work Security for Fall Walks.



The Fall Walks are coming! Everyone needs to be thinking "what can I do"? You all know the Kitchen needs lots of help, we also have lots of fun, so come join us starting Thursday!

Contact Nikki Willis Here or call 620-244-3653 if you are interested in helping in the kitchen.

Prayer Room

Watch the web site for the fall walk prayer vigil sign up.

Prayer Room Coordinator:  Bob Sheetz at or call 620-986-5446

Music, Music, Music

Email Alan Albers Here if you can play the Piano/ Guitar or are interested in being on a music team.

Email Michelle Komlofske Here if you would like to be considered for a future Team


If you havenít visited the volunteer form lately, we ask that you prayerfully consider each service area and complete the new survey. This will help us have current information for those who truly desire to serve.  You are always welcome to come and serve a day, a few hours or bring agape
or snacks.

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